May 10th 3:00 pm Travis D. Waters, author of The West Coast Kid. A compelling memoir of his days in college and how it turned into the dangerous world of drug smuggling and his determination to rebuild his life. View his moving YouTube video. Travis's book can be ordered at his website,

May 10th 4:00 pm Stephanie Woods shares her gift of healing using Tibetan Healing Bowls.
"Healing through sound and vibration has been known to reduce stress, improve concentration, reduce blood pressure, stimulate life force flow in the body,improve immunity, harmonize the chakras with the energy field,heighten intuition and perception, synchronize the brain hemispheres, remove mental and emotional negativity,and enhance creativity. Most importantly,stress is at the root of many of our twenty-first century diseases and it's through relaxation of the body that balance, health, and happiness can be restored. The salutary effect is produced by the unseen force of the vibrating bowls, combined with prayer. As much as 70 percent of the human body is made up of water, so when you strike a singing bowl next to your body, the vibration makes a mandala (a pattern) in your body, which is healing and relaxing." Stephanie's website is www.thesingingbowllady

May 17th 3:00 pm Pat Hastings, MS, LCDP, CPC, author and life coach Certified Spiritual Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Author, Self-Empowernment Coach,Transitional Coach, Ordained Minister, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Therapist

May 17th 4:00 pm Mark Susnow, author of Dancing on the River, will speak on the topic,"Does Positive Thinking Really Work?"

May 24th 3:00 pm Suzanne Giesemann, Author and Speaker,"Love-Centered Living"
A YouTube video on Susanne

May 24th 4:00 pm Jean Houston, author of The Wizard Of Us, Profound adventures of self- discovery
View Dr. Houston's YouTube video

June 7th 3:00 pm J.D. Messinger, 11 Days in May, a deeper understanding of near death experience
About J.D. Messinger

June 14th 3:00 pm Doris Ann Bridgehouse, Numerologist Extraordinaire!
About Doris Ann

June 21th 3:00 pm Doreen Marchette, Life coach and founder of Finally Understand Now!
About Doreen

June 28th 3:00 pm Carol Wolfson - Carole, a counselor, will co-host and participate with Lois to touch upon the ways in which people can sabotage themselves when they loose sight of larger spiritual values. The recent news surrounding former NE Patriot, Aaron Hernandez and Paula Dean will be discussed in connnection with this topic.